An Evaluation on the Fantastic Social Media Course !!!


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The social media course was very exciting. It was an engaging course taught by, Centennial College`s faculty member, Dr.Jessica Langer. At first, I thought it would be an easy course, due to being a major social media user. However, during the course, I have come to realise that social media is a vast discipline. It’s a discipline that doesn’t just analyze ordinary users like me, but also business users. During the course, I also learned about a sophisticated analytical tool called, Meltwater. As well, via the course, I got to meet cool industry people like, Daniel Reyes and Catherine Sugrue. However, despite being a pretty good and fascinating course, I also found it to be somewhat challenging.

To begin with, I loved, and thoroughly enjoyed the class. Additionally, I would like to mention positively, that my professor has always created a fun and captivating learning environment, where I have always learned something new. Some of these new things included the new knowledge of how the social media landscape is precious in creating a dialogue marketing and how algorithms work hand in hand to personalize everyone`s experience on social media. Secondly, I also enjoyed having industry guests from the DoTheDaniel Inc., come in to interestingly talk about how social media management and brand engagement are important in the social media world. Finally, I also enjoyed learning about Meltwater. Meltwater is an analytics tool, which is highly used in the PR industry to analyze the trends in social media and traditional media, to attain more success in the business world. Luckily, the BPRM program can access this tool, and in one of our lectures, we were able to have an amazing demo session with, Daniel Viron.

Feedback on the Course !!!

Despite, it being a fantastic class, I still feel that there could be some improvement. Honestly, the only thing that could be improved upon would be the in-class activities. Mainly, I discovered that writing was heavily used for a lot of the in-class activities. This can become somewhat overwhelming,  tedious and monotonous. Thus, to improve this, I would recommend that certain activities implement games and could be orally conducted.

Tbh, I can’t believe that the semester is almost finally over in a less than a week from now. I mean it just feels like as if yesterday, was the first day of the second semester. Overall, I had a very positive and joyful learning experience in Dr.Jessica Langer`s social media course. Finally, I would rate the experience, a 4 out of 5 stars, as we had a lot of discussions and some wonderful guests in the class.

4 Star Rating !!!

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