My Makeup Session with Lena Tsagaris


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Lena`s Logo

Tbh, I am not incredibly great at doing makeup. However I do enjoy watching some tutorials, but it’s not something that I am extremely interested in or can do excellently. However, I do appreciate and respect Makeup Artists’ like, Lena and other individuals, who take the painstaking time to transform people into becoming more beautiful. I believe that everyone is beautiful and makeup is just another enhancing tool to beautify someone. It is not to go and define what beauty means, as beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, etc.

It was an enjoyable and great session. While beautifying me, Lena and I reminisced about our nostalgic days of high school, furthermore discussed how our new lives at college/university were like and how things have become so different.  Additionally, we talked about how some beauty products are good for the skin and how some could be negative. Finally, I had so much of fun playing with her cute and playful dog.

The Cutie-Pie is Very Playful !!!

If you guys are wondering, from an enormous collection of incredible and exceptional products, Lena used some eyebrow filler, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette with a more a golden tone, along with voluminous mascara, a speck of blush and a bit of lip rouge upon me.

And Here is a Snapshot of it all.

Personally speaking, it was very lovely of Lena to transform me,  and thorough the session,I learned that she is a real expert in makeup artistry. Thus, I would encourage all to check out her creative makeup artistry Facebook Page and Instagram handle, @look. bylena. Tbh, I love all her creations as they are so unique. However, my personal favourite from her page would be this one,

Screenshot (183).png
Lena`s Turquoise and Lip Rouge Creation !!!

This is because ,I really adore how she has added uniqueness to play with the turquoise eyeshadow and traditional rouge lips. As well, if you would like to contact her or get some makeup done, please message her on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Finally, I would encourage all of you to go and follow her page for more beautiful updates, @look. bylena on Facebook and Instagram.

Image Credits and Attributions : Lena Tsagaris