Reflection on Lecture 3 : The Content Ecosystem

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Out of all my lectures in the social media class so far, I have found week 3`s topic of the content ecosystem to really interesting. Thus, I have decided to write this week’s blog post on the lecture, itself.

In this lecture, we talked about how social and digital media interact, along with how content is created and disseminated online. I found these concepts to be interesting because, they relate to the everyday world of how online campaigns, websites, online businesses and nonsocial media website/platforms interact to have a relationship with their integrated social media platforms. As well, it was very thought-provoking to learn how digital media and social media are both deeply interconnected and make life more interactive because they both symbiotically rely on each other. Otherwise, the content ecosystem could fall apart.

An Illustration of the Social Media Landscape

Finally, just shortly before the break, we also explored the idea of how social media has changed the way things used to be marketed, as nowadays a lot of companies use dialogue marketing through different social media and digital channels.

Social Media Marketing

Then, we took a short break, where I decided to munch on some snacks and research more about these new concepts of digital and social communication/marketing. Thus, I found some intriguing research online, that is compiled in a list down below. Tbh, I would recommend readings recorded down below, for a deeper understanding of the concepts I am mentioning in this post.

The Research List Includes:!/classle/faq/what-digital-communication/

After our short break, we discussed the captivating implications of the quick dissemination (spread) of information in the social/digital world, because of how everything is incredibly interconnected and cyclic in this new digital age. Personally, I believe that dissemination in this new digital world can have both positive and adverse impacts depending on the situation. For example, raising awareness through the social media landscape about human’s rights issues, like raising awareness of less access to education for females in certain countries, that could then interest people into getting social active and making sure that everyone has access. Thus, the social ecosystem could bring benefits. However, the ecosystem in the landscape could also negatively lead to more stereotyping and bigotry against these individual countries. Finally, to finish up the lecture, we did an exciting activity where we had to create a social/digital campaign on the District 9 Advance campaign.  It was a great learning experience and gave us more practical knowledge on how the content ecosystem of digital and social communication/marketing could be interconnected to create interactive campaigns.

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