A Mini Bollywood Analysis

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Bollywood has been a part of my life since day one. From childhood, I have grown up listening and dancing to Bollywood songs and watching the beautiful films.  Even today, it still is a significant part of my life. Therefore, this is a mini-analysis on my favorite things in Bollywood. So please enjoy!!!

Honestly, whenever anyone asks me what songs I like, I always say older Bollywood songs. From sad to happy song and even while working on the treadmill, I listen to older Bollywood song. The reason why I love older Bollywood is that of the finesse singing and the especial focus given to extraordinary lyrics penned by maestros. However, there is the occasional modern song, that is good and comparable to the older songs of Bollywood. As well the songs in Bollywood are the unique point of Bollywood, this is because, not only is their playback singing going on but, usually our actors are also dancing in these songs. Finally, you are probably wondering what my favorite songs. Now, the list is very long but some of my personal favs include, Nagada Sang Dhol, all the songs from Bajirao Mastani, Dola Re, O Duniya Ke Rakhwale, Tu Ganga Ki Mauj, Mere Bhole Balam (Meri Pyaari Bindu) and finally, Satrangi Re. Tbh, this a very lengthy list, but there is even an extensive list of more beautiful songs that I listen to. Unfortunately, I am unable to fit them all here. However, I would encourage you guys to hear the songs I mentioned above, and encourage you to listen to Satrangi Re, which I will be talking about next.

Despite having a detailed list of favorites, my all-time favorite is, Satrangi Re from the Movie Dil Se (Released in 1999). It is sung by fantastic signers, like, Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnamurthy.

A YouTube Link of Satrangi Re: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfvGrChLEn0

Satrangi Re.jpg
Satrangi Re Collage !!!

Firstly, the reason why this is my most favorite is because, I love how it synchronously combines the intricate Bollywood dancing with contemporary techniques and has beautiful background scenes. As well, I also adore how, its lyrics and dance moves gracefully portray the seven stages of love from, attraction to death.  Thirdly, this my favorite because the costumes notably present the seven distinct colors of the rainbow. Finally, the dance performed by the King of Bollywood, Sharku Khan and the gorgeous actress of the 90s, Manisha Koirala is beautifully choreographed and performed is what truly captivate me. Overall, this is an excellent piece with the details beautifully excited, and so I always include it as my all-time favorite.

Secondly, if there is a thing that Bollywood is famous after it dance numbers and songs, then it the great movies. Tbh, my favorite era in Bollywood is from the golden era of the 60s. It’s my favorite because, I love how the 60s captures of how important love it, the important Indian social issues at the time and the marvelous music pieces. Finally, some famous movies also emerged from the era, that I would encourage to watch. And that list includes films like, Junglee, Mughal e Azam, Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam, Dosti, Aradhana and many more.

The Handsome Shammi Kapoor in Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) !!!
Shammi Kapoor in Junglee (1961)

Nevertheless, my most cherished movie is, Junglee (Released in 1961), which includes my most beloved actor, Shammi Kapoor. He was not only handsome, but was also a formidable actor, who acted very naturally and was a great dancer. In fact, he was even called the, “Elvis Presley of Bollywood”. However, despite having a great cast, it was a film, that was revolutionary for the time. This is because, it broke social barriers by depicting love and the marriage between the wealthy and poor. It also included some impressive songs, like the famous Yahoo, sung by the great Mohammad Rafi which portrays Shammi Kapoor as a wild lover dancing along with the coy, but beautiful Saira Bano.

For final words, I would like to say that while this is a very small attempt to analyze my favorite things in the very vast world of Bollywood and to introduce the older eras of Bollywood to the Western audience.  However, I would like to say that the Bollywood industry has beam creative and has produced brilliant artists and maestros. Thus, I would like to encourage all to watch Bollywood films, to enjoy the colorful and fantastic dance numbers. Finally, please let me know if you are interested in Bollywood or would like some suggestion on some good Bollywood music/movies, because I am a mini-human database on Bollywood.

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