Student Award Night


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After applying for many scholarships since November, I was emailed in late January by the college, to inform me that one of my application was accepted into receiving an entrance scholarship by the alumni association. By getting this email, I was ecstatic and proud to be receiving this prestigious award. Finally, in the email, it was interestingly mentioned that I would be invited to award nights at Centennial College`s Progress Campus, to celebrate this fantastic achievement.

Screenshot (184).png
My Sister and Me.

Thus, on March 28th, 2017, at around 6:15, the beautiful night began with a great ambience and emceed by CBC News Network Anchor/Host of CBC News Now, Suhana Meharchand.Now, to celebrate this event with someone special, I attended this delightful event with my sister, Maizah Rana.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait a long time to go on stage, because I was included in the first few awards.

Screenshot (189)
The Salad.

After the first few awards had been announced, we were served our delicious and unique salad. It was made up of unusual ingredients like arugula, baby spinach, dried cranberry, pumpkin seeds, radicchio and honey lime dressing.

Next, we were creatively served wild mushroom risotto stuffed in pepper along with a vegetable bundle for the main course.

Screenshot (186).png

For the final dish, we were served a beautiful dessert that had a raspberry coulis decorating the dark chocolate and raspberry mousse, and was garnished with a mini vanilla macaroon.

Screenshot (185).png
The Beautiful Dessert !!!

As well, we had an excellent music performance by the quintet who played some great music. Finally, at the end of the night, my sister and I took some great photographs, which are also posted on my Instagram account at @mariamranasblog and we got a lovely ride back to our house !!!

Image Credits and Attributions: Mariam Rana