Summer Job Search Tips 101

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As mentioned previously, in my first year I had a lot of trouble finding a job and compromised for volunteer positions. I guess during the process, I made some amateur mistakes. Thus, though this post I would like to provide some advice on how one can be more successful.


1.  Start Early:

A very important tip, as many companies start looking to hire summer interns/workers as early as October-January. So, start looking for your ideal job now.

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2. Network:

I got into this one a little late. However, it is essential,  as creating meaningful relationships can help you land a job more easily. This can be done by attending networking event (Young Professionals Networking by The Hip Haus) through Eventbrite or by connecting with people via LinkedIn.

I would also recommend to continually build one even if you have a secure network ( examples: family, friends, colleagues,  and professors), you never know what opportunities you could land into because of it.

3. Research:

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4. Proofread:

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Have someone proofread your resume, cover letter, portfolio and social media accounts to see if you can make thing look professional and add any improvements.

5. Build a portfolio:

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Build a portfolio with work that you have done in the past and can relate to the jobs your applying. As well, you can research online what things are counted into your industry or the job that your applying to. If you are in the early stages of your career, don`t hesitate and put in some of the  volunteer and school work you have done.

Finally, I hope you are able to use these tips and find a fun summer job that will help you broaden your horizons !!! Best wishes for your job hunt and don`t hesitate to reach out to me for any help, I would love to get involved.