My Cooking Adventure

Disclaimer: All images are credited and attributed at the end of this post. As well, any quotations or in depth research is best cited according to the MLA (7th) style. Finally, this post is not to intended to harm anyone and is just to educate people about my educational or personal life.If you have any more concerns/questions, please use the contact page !!!
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My Mom`s Creation !!!

I am a die-hard foodie by birth. This is because, I was brought up in a South Asian family, where a delicious home-cooked meal is an essential part of our culture. Even in today`s Canada, my mom home cooks a lot of tasty meals for our family, and in fact, roti is freshly made every day at our house.

After seeing my mom cook mouthwatering things for many years,  I decided to attempt the complicated but, intricate dish of biryani. Thus, before going on my cooking adventure, I researched online and found an excellent biryani recipe link to use. ( ) Surprisingly, it was not hard to make and turned out to be very appetizing.

Prepping for the Biryani !!!

Despite having some hardships, I found things like preparing the rice by half boiling it in a mixture of hot water, oil and bay leaves, to be much easier. Also, the slicing and browning of the onions were not extremely difficult except, for the onion tears, which were brutal. However, the hardest part came, when I had to make the well-spiced tomato paste mixture and a tender chicken masala mix.  This part could have gone wrong, especially , if I was not paying careful attention to the hard steps. That is because, the key ingredients (the meat mixture and tomato paste) would probably burn and ruin the dish. Finally, once the difficult part was over, I layered all the ingredients (the rice, meat, tomato paste and some garnishing)  in a big pot to cook the half boiled rice and to interconnect all the flavours.

The Final Product !!!

I was overly happy with the biryani attempt, as it turned out to be a good learning experience for me. This is because, I learned how to make a very key South Asian dish. As well, my family enjoyed a very delicious meal, and for a change, my mom finally got a break from cooking.

Image Credits and Attribution : Mariam Rana


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