My Experience at Story Arts So Far !!!

Disclaimer: All images are credited and attributed at the end of this post. As well, any quotations or in depth research is best cited according to the MLA (7th) style. Finally, this post is not to intended to harm anyone and is just to educate people about my educational or personal life.If you have any more concerns/questions, please use the contact page !!!

Being a student, can be a rewarding experience and at times challenging. I have been very fortunate to be learning from an institution, where the faculty are very supporting and dedicated to helping succeed students.

PR Textbooks.
Mural on Media Communications !!!

In my first semester of college, I had a very diverse course selection of subjects like English, Intro to PR, Intro to Media, Intro to Business, and Intro to Marketing. While I enjoyed all the courses, I found certain courses like marketing and English to be more of a struggle, as naturally, I am not an incredibly great writer, and I find marketing to be a difficult discipline to comprehend due to the extensive amount of theories. Secondly, through the intro to PR course, I learned more about what PR is, and I got to discover the different tactics and strategies used in PR. I also liked the media course, because it had a lot of interesting media theories that I had never thought about and was an exciting course on how media is used in today`s world. Finally, I found the business class fun, because I learned in depth about the distinct types of businesses in the world and new business strategies. Finally, despite having some ups and downs in my classes, I successfully passed all my classes along with a high GPA (Grade Point Average).

While I enjoyed my classes and academically did well, I found that socially I didn’t have a very positive experience. This is because, I was purposely excluded, and treated with negative attitudes/behavior. Overall, there was a toxic environment created, that is still continued to this day, despite my efforts in trying to be a respectful and friendly person. This is somewhat detrimental to me because, I came from a high school where despite having differences and conflicts, there was a friendly environment. As well being an extroverted and social individual, I wanted to have a healthy social environment in a new place and create good personal relationships. However, unfortunately, things didn’t work out and alas socially speaking, I only have good working relationships with certain individuals.

Eye-catching Social Media Mural !!!

In this upcoming second semester, I have another set of new courses like, Organizational behaviour, Intro to Social Media, Writing for PR 1, Business Law, and Statistics. Tbh, I am excited about taking a class in social media, as I am an avid user of social media. I mean, most people nowadays are avid social media user, because that’s how we get most of our worldly information from, and it helps us to communicate/stay connected with people. As well, through the social media course, I am interested in learning how social media use of everyday people affects business and how companies use social media, as significant figures are using social media to become more successful. Secondly, I am excited to be taking organizational behaviour because I enjoy how the course deals and carefully examines the conduct of people in organizations, and how motivation, is necessary. Another thing I like about the organizational behaviour class is that we get to explore personality traits and how employers nurture self-concepts of their employees. Thirdly, I am excited to be taking the business law class, as I would like to see how the law and business are interconnected. I would additionally like to learn about how some of the laws affect ethics in business. Finally, I am a bit nervous for statistics, which is a course we must take due to our program being a management program. I am nervous because while I am good at math, I don’t like to do so much of it. Once again, I am very nervous for PR writing due to my weaker skill of writing, but I think that this course will be helpful in improving my writing skills and I look forward to seeing how writing is a fundamental aspect of public relations.

To conclude this off, I would like to add that I hope to do well this semester, learn some more new things and make some great memories.

Image Credits: Mariam Rana


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